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True C-level communities

Personally curated communities ensure continued engagement from C-level executives


It's a bit like a reunion.

Patrick McLaughlin - SVP & CHRO, Frito Lay

Built by C-level, for C‑level

Governing Body leaders ensure programs and agendas are truly peer-driven

It’s led by us. Evanta does a lot of work to ensure that our voices are at the decision making table relative to the content and the delivery, so that’s a distinguishing factor. This is literally our agenda.

Jacqueline Welch - SVP, CHRO and Chief Diversity Officer, Freddie Mac 

Private and Invitation only

The peer-to-peer model invites open and candid discussions

It's a community. You're not getting a sales pitch - you're getting another CIO telling you what they're going through.

Allen Fazio - CIO, Houlihan Lokey

Designed for collaboration

Intimate, immersive experiences promote effective collaboration

You will talk to your peers who are dealing with the same problems. And if you learn three things out of the day - and you will - it's worth your time.

Ginny Davis - SVP, CIO & CSO, Technicolor

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