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Discover a powerful network of fellow CISOs from the world's leading organizations. Connect with other security leaders in your area from diverse experiences, backgrounds and industries, to drive innovative ideas, share proven best practices and forward-looking perspectives and discuss critical issues at the forefront of security today.

Join your local community for exclusive access to:


Participate in year-round gatherings with your local peer group featuring unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, in-depth discussions and networking.


Exchange peer-validated strategies, solutions and partners, and access exclusive community insights to learn how other CISOs approach similar challenges.


Make new connections, enhance your career through an exclusive network, and build lasting relationships with peers.

Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CISOs today.

  1. Advancing the Business Value of Security
  2. Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Advanced Attacks
  3. Investing in Company Culture to Attract Talent and Empower Staff

CISOs in the community

Rich Agostino headshot

Rich Agostino

SVP, Chief Information Security Officer

Sara Andrews headshot

Sara Andrews

Global CISO

Derek Benz headshot

Derek Benz

The Coca-Cola Company
Chief Information Security Officer

Meredith Harper headshot

Meredith Harper

Synchrony Financial
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer

Kurt John headshot

Kurt John

Expedia Group
Global Chief Security Officer

Morgan Storey headshot

Morgan Storey

Sonic Healthcare
Chief Information Security Officer

Deborah Wheeler headshot

Deborah Wheeler

Delta Air Lines
SVP, Chief Information Security Officer

Yolande Young headshot

Yolande Young


Teresa Zielinski headshot

Teresa Zielinski

General Electric
Chief Information and Product Security Officer


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Executive Summit
Gain new connections and actionable insights from C-level peers at this one-day program. View what to expect.

What to expect at an Executive Summit:

  • Keynotes from practitioners and thought leaders
  • Peer-led, interactive discussions
  • Networking in one-on-one Peer-to-Peer Meetings
  • In-person program in your area
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Inner Circle
Connect with other CISOs and discuss timely topics over dinner in a private setting. View what to expect.

What to expect at an Inner Circle:

  • Facilitated discussions on key topics
  • Networking over dinner and drinks
  • Peer-led, in-person program in an evening
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Town Hall
Participate in an interactive, peer-led discussion on current priorities for CISOs. View what to expect.

What to expect at a Town Hall:

  • Informal, breakout group discussion
  • Share insights and learn from peers
  • One-hour, virtual discussion
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Peer Roundtable
Join a small group of peers for an interactive conversation around a hot topic or priority. View what to expect.

What to expect at a Peer Roundtable:

  • Intimate and interactive discussion 
  • Framed around a hot topic or priority
  • One-hour, virtual conversation

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