CIO Community Pulse on Navigating the Workplace Return

June 2021

As vaccinations ramp up and mandates are lifted, business leaders around the world are navigating what a post-pandemic work life looks like. We surveyed CIOs across Evanta communities to understand their perspectives on creating a new “normal” at their organizations. This is what your CIO peers are saying in June.

Concerns About Company Culture

When asked about their top business concerns, 70% of CIOs selected maintaining culture and engagement and 65% said employee retention and recruitment. This could be a reflection of the fact that executives are grappling with their workforce strategies and recognizing the impacts of organizational decisions on culture and recruiting.


Returning to the Office 

More than half of IT leaders report that they have some employees back in the office already this spring.


Remote Work Going Forward

77% of CIOs report that their companies will offer some type of hybrid option between remote work and the office, and only 6% say that working remotely will no longer be an option at all. As one CIO notes, “2-3 days has been agreed upon as the new normal.”


Long-Term Impact of Remote Work

On their top concerns about the long-term effects of working remotely, 44% of CIOs say maintaining company culture, and 21% are concerned about their teams’ communication and alignment.


Back to Business Travel

More than half of IT leaders (53%) have either started traveling for business again or plan to in less than 3 months, while another third don’t expect to start traveling again for 3 to 6 months.


Returning to In-Person Meetings

70% of CIOs are either ready to return to in-person events and meetings now or they are excited, but reviewing the timing.


“It is infinitely more effective to have some types of meetings in-person, particularly where there is a need for more active collaboration and dialogue.”


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Based on 300 CIO responses to Evanta’s Community Pulse Survey, June 2021.


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