CHROs Excited to Connect in Person at UK Summit

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Written by Jason Larson

OCTOBER 12, 2021

After months (years? We’ve lost track!) of Zoom calls and virtual meetings, we welcomed Evanta CHROs in the UK back to our first in-person community gathering. The enthusiasm was palpable -- and many executives shared that it was their first time back in person for a professional meeting or event since the pandemic started. 

In our recent survey, 69% of CHROs told us they were very or somewhat excited to go back to in-person events -- but circumstances have been changing and shifting since then. Fortunately, the conditions in the UK met our criteria for holding an in-person event, and to everyone’s excitement, we were able to proceed. Take a look at a sample of the feedback we received about the UK CHRO Executive Summit

Really great, energy-giving day.”

Made a refreshing change from Zoom - excellent!”

A very well-thought-out event, creating the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers facing similar challenges to openly discuss the topics that matter.”

Thought-provoking and innovative.”


There were many highlights of the day, including thought-provoking discussions on DE&I, the future of work, and leading with purpose. These were some of the participants’ favorite sessions of the day:

  • The Future of Work -- 2021 and Beyond. Two CHROs led the discussion on how the COVID crisis changed the way we all work -- for good. For CHROs, it’s no longer about managing the work experience but the life experience. HR leaders talked about the pros and cons of in-office work versus remote, the shift in culture that results from these work-life changes, and how to measure employee engagement and productivity effectively. 
  • CHROs Don’t Shy Away from Uncomfortable Conversations. Diversity, equity and inclusion has been a top priority for HR executives, but are programs driving real change across the enterprise? Changing a culture is easier said than done -- and this discussion challenged CHROs to assess how far down the line they are on their DE&I journeys. HR executives shared how to educate all members of the business from top to bottom, create a safe space for employees to voice concerns, and evaluate the ripple effects of COVID on under-represented employee groups.
  • The Future of Purposeful Leadership. The need for purpose-driven leadership has never been more important as we navigate these unprecedented times. Two executives from OVO Energy shared their insights on how they are making decisions through a lens of sustainability, measuring employee happiness, ensuring employees have clarity of purpose, and challenging the status quo. 

Another high point was the opportunity for HR leaders to casually connect and network with one another in person. Our Peer-to-Peer Meetings match HR leaders with similar interests and challenges for 25-minute, one-on-one sessions.


We are optimistic about the future and look forward to continuing in-person gatherings in our North American CHRO communities this fall. To find an upcoming CHRO gathering in your area, check out our Calendar page.

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Jason Larson

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